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Translation dictionary

Describes the translation dictionary in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

The Translation Dictionary manages single-word or short phrase translations for objects such as Attributes and Units of Measure in Optimizely Configured Commerce. These objects are globally shared across the website, versus unique to a particular record.

The Translation Dictionary screen provides the following search filters:

  • Language: Any available language on the website.
  • Source: The the type of object or where the object is sourced from : Attribute, Attribute Value, Label, Setting, Style Trait, Style Trait Value, and Unit of Measure.
  • Keyword: The display name of the object.
  • Translation: The translated text displayed when a user changes the website language.

To show only records where translations are needed, click the Only Show Missing Translations toggle.

To generate translation dictionary records:

  1. Go to Admin Console > Administration > Translation Dictionary.
  2. In the Secondary Header, click More Options to generate any missing Translation Dictionary records.
  3. Locate the desired Translation Dictionary record and click Edit.
  4. Enter the translation within the Translation field for the record.
  5. Click Save.