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Product configurations

Describes product configurations that create bundles/kits or unique custom built products by selecting components in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

Optimizely Configured Commerce includes multiple features around product configurations. Using configured products lets you create bundles/kits or unique custom built products by selecting components.



  • When products with Price Matrix pricing are bundled together (in > some kind of configuration), quantity break pricing is not displayed > on the parent item. Different items can have different pricing at > different quantity break levels and displaying all the various > pricing permutations would be prohibitive.
  • Configured Commerce does not support alternate units of measure on any > configured products

Fixed configuration

Fixed Configuration is a set of products that are packaged together as a fixed bundle or set. The products that make up the bundle, can be ordered separately or as part of the fixed bundle. The customer cannot substitute for any products in the fixed bundle.

Standard configuration

Standard Configuration is similar to Fixed Configuration; however, the customer is provided choices of products to select. Like the Fixed Configuration, the customer can order any of the choices separately, or as part of the bundle. The customer will only get the option to choose products that have been designated as options for the bundle.

Advanced configuration

Advanced Configuration is the process of using free form parts or components to build a product. This is done by creating a unique product record and assigning configured components the customer can choose from to build their product.