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Assign multiple records

Describes how to assign multiple records to categories in Optimizely Configured Commerce SDK.

To perform a multi-select and assign, use the following steps:

For this example, the focus will be on the Products list assuming this scenario: A user needs to assign a series of new products to their respective categories.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Catalog > Products.

  2. Select the Products that need to be assigned to new or different categories.

  3. Select the Show Selected filter to verify the correct Products are selected.

  4. In the Primary Header, click Edit. Do not click one of the Edit buttons adjacent to a list item.

  5. Click the Categories tab, which displays the currently assigned categories.

  6. Select the Website from the List Header menu

  7. If necessary, click Expand or Collapse to expose or hide the category hierarchy which provides more or less detail about the displayed categories.

  8. Click Assign Categories.

  9. Again, if desired, click the Expand or Collapse button to provide more details about the category hierarchy.

  10. Using the check boxes, select the desired Category or Categories.

  11. Click Assign.

  12. Click Done.

  13. All assigned categories are now displayed.

  14. Click the Next record button to repeat this process for the next item.

  15. When finished, click Done in the Primary Header.

Within list pages, Configured Commerce allows for the selection of multiple records. To accomplish this, each record in a list is preceded with a checkbox. When multiple records are selected and then edited, they are grouped together allowing users to click through the selected records to assign content.