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Describes Requisition pipelines in Optimizely Configured Commerce.


100ValidateContextIf "Allow Requisitions" setting is "No", an error is returned. If user has no Administrator or Buyer3 roles, a forbidden error is returned.
200GetRequisitionOrderRetrieves a requisition order (CustomerOrder with Requisition status) and stores it in the RequisitionOrder property in the result object.
300GetRequisitionIf RequisitionId parameter has a value, then retrieves a requisition by RequisitionId parameter. The requisition is stored in the Requisition property in the result object. If Requisition.CustomerOrder.Id is not equal to RequisitionOrder.Id, then a not found error is returned.
400GetRequisitionLineIf RequisitionLineId parameter has a value, the retrieves a requisition line. The requisition line is stored in the RequisitionLine property in the result object. If RequisitionLine.OrderLine.Id is not equal to Requisition.Id, then a not found error is returned.