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Translate URLs

Describes how to translate URLs in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

When working with multi-language content in Optimizely Configured Commerce, provide URLs in the same language as the website to improve the overall customer experience. The URL can be customized to display the translation at the Category Root, the Category URL, the Product URL, or all three:

Aside from the initial setup, done manually in the Admin Console, creating translatable URLs for Products and Categories is most often accomplished through a Product integration job.



Translating URLs will not result in a duplicate content penalty when considering Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Set up

All steps within this article are performed within the Admin Console.

  • Catalog Root Path
  • Product Canonical Root Path

Find these Settings in the Admin Console: Admin Console > Administration > Settings > Catalog > URLMapping section, or search using the search bar.



Translated URLs will only display when text is provided for the default language for the Catalog and Product Settings listed above.

Modify the root URL in the translation dictionary

  1. Go to the Settings listed above and enter the desired default language text.
  2. Go to Administration > Localization > Translation Dictionary
  3. Use the Keyword search and search for "root".
  4. Catalog_UrlRoot and Product_UrlRoot should display. If not, click MoreOptions and select Generate Records.
  5. For both Catalog_UrlRoot and Product_UrlRoot, click Edit and enter the translation into the Translation field.

Modify the product URL translation

  1. Go to Catalog > Products.
  2. Find the desired Product.
  3. Click Edit, then select Field Translation next to the URL Segment field.
  4. Enter the translated text for the desired language.

Modify the category URL translation

  1. Go to Catalog > Categories

  2. It may be necessary to select the appropriate website from the website selector menu.

  3. Find the Category associated with the previously modified Product.

  4. Click Edit, then select Field Translation next to the URL Segment field.

  5. Enter the translated text for the desired language.

When these steps have been completed, rebuild the search index. Go to Marketing > Search > Indexing, and click Rebuild All.

View the translated URLs on the website

  1. Go to the website.

  2. Change the displayed language to the desired language using the language drop-down.

  3. Go to the modified product.

  4. Translations for root path, category URL segment and product URL segment display for the selected language.