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Use email address as the username

Describes how to use the user's email address as the username in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

To improve and simplify the user experience, the option to use the user's email address as the username can be enabled. This is a globally setting and is set to OFF by default. When the setting is enabled, the Username field is hidden and is replaced with the Email Address field. In most scenarios, this option is enable and setup during implementation; however, there are safeguards in place if enabled on an already existing environment.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Administration > System > Settings.

  2. Search for "Use Email As User Name".

  3. Change the toggle to show YES.



    Enabling this option affects existing users on all websites. Upon selecting Save, a warning message displays to emphasize the ramifications of changing the setting and provides an option to cancel the change. Once the save is confirmed, the changes are immediate and cannot be undone.

  4. Click Save. Upon saving, an automated email is sent to all users stating their username has been changed. This email is only sent to existing users and not to new records.

Items of note:

  • As with all setting changes, an Audit Log entry is made to show who made the change and when.
  • The UserProfile table will save off the current username into the "modified by" and replace it with the email address.
  • The AspNetUsers table is also updated.
  • If a duplicate email address is already in the system, the user is deactivated and a log entry is made in the Application Log stating the change was not made.
  • A new email template is also available: Website_UserNameChanged.
  • When applicable, the notification email is sent to both the old and new email addresses.