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Edit multiple records

Describes how to edit multiple records in the Optimizely Configured Commerce SDK.

Within list pages, Optimizely Configured Commerce allows for the selection of multiple records. To accomplish this, each record in a list is preceded with a checkbox. When multiple records are selected and then edited, they are grouped together allowing users to click through the selected records to assign content.

Records within lists can be selected and edited as a collection. When multiple items are selected, they are essentially grouped together, allowing users to click through the selected items to review, edit, or assign content.

To show how Multi-Edit works, the following scenario will be used. As an ISC_Admin, several Sales Representatives need to have their information updated. Because Multi-Edit isolates the selected records, it will make this process quicker to complete and easier to manage.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Sales > Sales Representatives.

  2. Using the check boxes, select the desired Sales Reps.

  3. In the Primary Header, click Edit.

    You are now viewing the selected records which have been grouped together for viewing or editing.

  4. Update the necessary fields.

  5. Click Save and Next.

  6. Again, update any necessary fields.

  7. Repeat these steps until all records are updated.

  8. If a record does not need to be updated and should be skipped, click Next Page.

  9. When finished, click Done to return to the main Sales Representative list.