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Order notes

Describes how to add notes to individual order line items or overall orders in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

Optimizely Configured Commerce allows notes to be added to individual order line items or overall orders. Order Notes (also referred to as Order Header notes) are entered on the Review and Pay page in the checkout process. The Review and Pay page features a text box titled Add Order Notes. Text entered in this field is used to create the Order Note, and appears on the Order Confirmation page.

Unlike Order Line Notes, Order Notes cannot be disabled. To enable or disable the Order Lines Notes functionality for Configured Commerce, update the following setting:

  • The Show Order Line Notes Setting must be set to YES

This setting is enabled by default and if multiple websites exist, can be enabled uniquely per website.

Add order and order line notes

Once an item has been placed into the shopping cart, it is possible to add Order Line Notes, which exist at the product line level, and belong to individual products or Order Notes which belong to the order as a whole. Both will appear on the Order Confirmation page.

  1. Add Order Line Notes after an item has been added to the cart:
    1. Log in to the Configured Commerce website.
    2. Add an item to the Cart.
    3. Go to the Cart.
    4. Click Line Notes and enter desired notes.
  2. Add Order Notes during the Checkout process, on the Review and Pay page:
    1. Under the Shipping Method header, add order notes in the Add Order Notes textbox.