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Access CMS from the admin console

Describes how to view content changes or products updates or test user permissions on the website in Optimizely Configured Commerce SDK.

Access the Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) from the Admin Console using Site Preview at the top of the screen.

Users who wish to make full use of the CMS must be logged in to the Admin Console with an ISC_ContentAdmin, ISC_ContentEditor, and/or ISC_ContentApprover role assigned. The user also may wish to have customer user credentials available so they may log in to the website.



The CMS shell is only accessible via the Admin Console. Users with the proper roles to modify the CMS, must first log in to the Admin Console in order to access the CMS shell. This allows content admins and editors to log into the site using any account or remain unauthenticated to provide a unique content experience pertaining to personas, languages, and devices.

Once the CMS has been launched, log in to the website with a customer user profile. This allows for accurate simulation of the user experience for multiple roles, customers, and personas. CMS capabilities are exposed based on how the user is logged in to the Admin Console, not the website. For example, if the user is logged in to the Admin Console as an ISC_ContentAdmin, but impersonates a user who does not have the ability to edit the CMS, the user still sees the CMS tools.



While published CMS pages can be viewed responsively across Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop devices, the CMS editing shell is disabled for Mobile and Tablet. Editing and creation of CMS content is intended to be done on a Desktop.

Access site preview

  1. In the Primary Navigation header, select Site Preview.

  2. Enable the Content Editor by clicking the ON/OFF toggle to show ON. If the website does not need to be modified, only viewed, leave this toggle as OFF.

  3. Select the desired website from the list of available sites.

  4. The website opens in a new browser tab.