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Create a website

Describes how to create a website in the Optimizely Configured Commerce SDK.

Optimizely Configured Commerce supports the deployment of both microsite and individual sites.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Websites.
  2. Click Add Website.
  3. Enter in the Website Name.
  4. Enter in the Website's Domain Name.
  5. Click Active to display Yes to make the website active.
  6. Click Restricted Website to display Yes if the website is to be restricted.
  7. Click Save or Save and Add.



The other finger tabs cannot be accessed until the new website has been saved. Multiple details on the finger tabs, such as Language and Currency, must be added to have base level functionality for the new site.

Create and assign states

Creating and assigning a state in the Admin Console allows users to modify tax and handling information for each state. The user can also create new states if they are not already populated by the Insite Support team. Below are the steps for creating a new state and populating the corresponding fields to make it active.

Create a state

To create a state you must have access to the Administration Section in the Admin Console.

Many states are pre-populated in the data base and do not need to be manually entered.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Administration > Localization > Countries.
  2. Click the Edit of the Country that will be assigned a State.
  3. Click the States Tab.
  4. Click Add State to open the New States page.
  5. Add the State's Name and Abbreviation for the state.
  6. Optional- Click Active to select the state as active or inactive.
  7. Optional- Add State specific tax information if applicable:
    • Taxable
    • Tax Code
    • Tax Rate
    • Tax Freight
    • Handling Amount
  8. Depending on the situation, click Save or Save and Add.

Assign a state to a website

  1. Go to Admin Console > Websites.
  2. Click Edit for the desired Website.
  3. Click the States finger tab.
  4. Click Assign States.
  5. Select the State or States to be added to the Website, click Assign and then click Done.

To Unassign a States repeat steps 1-3 outlined above. Select the desired States and then click Unassign to remove states from the website.