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InsiteConnect for CyberSource

Describes InsiteConnect for CyberSource.

CyberSource is a payment gateway and tax calculation plug-in for processing online orders. Optimizely Configured Commerce customers can use CyberSource's Simple Order API for tax calculation and CyberSource's SOAP Toolkit API as the payment gateway.

More information about the CyberSource tax calculation product can be found at

The following must be completed prior to enabling Cybersource:

  • Obtain keys for the SOAP Toolkit API Key
  • Obtain the Merchant ID- this is the unique identifier used to log into CyberSource's Business Center. For most users, the Merchant ID and User Name are the same.

Generate the SOAP toolkit API security key



Use the steps below to generate a new security key:

  1. Log into the Business Center Test Environment:
  2. From the Account Management tab, select Transaction Security Keys.
  3. Select Security Keys for the SOAP Toolkit API.
  4. Select Generate Key.
  5. Either manually copy the key string value from the textbox displayed on-screen, or click Download to select a secure location on your computer to save the key string generated as a text file.

Obtain the simple order API security key

The Simple Order API security key must be generated prior to enabling Cybersource:



  1. Log into the Business Center Test Environment:

  2. From the Account Management tab, click Transaction Security Keys.

  3. Select Security Keys for the Simple Order API.

  4. Select 2048-bit Key. This initiates the key generation applet.

  5. Once the applet screen appears, select Generate Certificate Request.

  6. Within the Save dialog box, select the secure location on the current server in which you wish to save the key file.

  7. The security key file, with extension .p12, needs to be added to the folder configured in the cybs.keysDirectory setting of the Web.config. If this is not done an error will occur when attempting to calculate the tax.

    <add key="cybs.keysDirectory" value="[PathToDirectoryContainingP12FileForCybersource]" />

Update the settings to enable CyberSource to be the payment gateway

  1. Go to Admin ConsoleAdministrationSystem Settings
  2. Search for "Payment Gateway" and select CyberSource from the menu.

The following Settings are used to setup CyberSource as the payment provider in Configured Commerce.



Payment Gateway


Note: This needs to be selected first in order to expose the other CyberSource related settings.

Merchant ID

A unique value that identifies a merchant within CyberSource systems. This ID must be provided when logging into the Business Center and when submitting transactions to CyberSource.

Transaction Key

Use the Security Key for the SOAP Toolkit API - see instructions for obtaining the key below.

Send to ProductionDetermines if the transaction is sent to the production cybersource server or the test cybersource server Default value: No
Tokenize Payments

CyberSource Tokenization replaces sensitive payment data with a unique identifier or token that cannot be mathematically reversed