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Configure transactions

Describes the steps required to set up features to complete a transaction on a website in the Optimizely Configured Commerce SDK.

Although the majority of implementation work is managed through integration with the client's ERP or other platforms, much of Optimizely Configured Commerce's functionality can be performed manually. Create a site manually to produce demo sites for sales presentations, test site performance, or train on the platform. Below are the steps required to set up enough features to complete a transaction on the website. This provides a solid foundation from which multiple areas of functionality can be built or demonstrated.



  • Configured Commerce sets Currency, Language, Country, and State by default. However, a best practice for platform understanding is to go through these steps manually.
  • This article assumes the website has already been installed.


  1. Create a currency
  2. Assign a currency to websites
  3. Create a language
  4. Add a language to a website
  5. Create and assign countries and states
  6. Create a carrier
  7. Create carrier services
  8. Create a customer
    • Set as bill-to (must have one bill-to otherwise user cannot log in)
    • Set as ship-to (must have ship-to for checkout process otherwise you will have to create new)
  9. Create and assign users
    • Users must be assigned to at least one customer.
  10. Create and assign payment methods
  11. Create a product
  12. Create a category
  13. Assign products to cross-selll
  14. Rebuild the Product Search Index - go to the Admin Console > Marketing > Search > Indexing > Rebuild All
  15. Complete the checkout process to validate.