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Set changes that require an IIS restart

Describes settings that require an IIS restart for the setting change to take effect in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

The Settings are organized by their Primary Group > Sub Group.

Integration > inRiver Integration

  • Enable inRiver Integration

Integration > General

  • Computers Allowed for Integration

SystemSettings > Performance

  • Cache Etags
  • Number of Minutes to Retain Client Etags
  • Number of Minutes to Retain Server Etags
  • Enable Swagger Cache Warmer
  • Cache Category Menu
  • Category Menu Cache Refresh Minutes

SystemSettings > Security

  • CORS Origin

SiteConfigurations: SSO

  • Allow Sign in with Facebook Account
  • Facebook App ID
  • Facebook App Secret
  • Allow Sign in With Google Account
  • Google Client ID
  • Google Client Secret

SystemSettings: General

  • Additional Media Manager Extensions