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Configure an integration job to add products and categories and map products to categories

Describes details on configuring an integration job to read the datasets from an SQL Server database, then create Products, create Categories, and map or assign the Products to the Categories in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

  1. Create a new SQL Server database.

  2. Run the scripts found in the attached Category-Product-SQL-Structure-and-Data.xlsx file at the bottom of this article. They are found on the worksheet tabs of the spreadsheet called:

    • Create Category Table
    • Create Product Table
    • Create MapProductsToCategories
  3. Load the data from the Category-Product-SQL-Structure-and-Data.xlsx file. The data is found within the following worksheet tabs:

    • Category data

    • Product data

    • MapProductsToCategories data



      Make sure your data does not contain any hidden characters, which may come about if data is copied and pasted.

  4. Create a new Connection in the Admin Console (AC) of type SqlServer and configure it to connect to the new SQL Server database created in Step 1.

  5. Use the Import feature in the AC to load the integration job from the Category-Product-JobDefinition.json file.  The new job is called "Product - Category - Mapping".

  6. Update the Connection in the new "Product - Category - Mapping" job to use the connection created in step 4.

  7. Make sure your WIS is running and your SiteConnections.config has the correct value for URL.

  8. Then add the IntegrationConnectionName from Step 4 and stop/start your WIS service.

  9. Schedule the job and view the logs to confirm success.

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