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Dashboard panels

Describes the Dashboard panels API handler in Optimizely Configured Commerce.


URL – /api/v1/dashboardpanels

Description – Gets the dashboard panels and data that populate the dashboard page.

Base – HandlerBase<GetDashboardPanelCollectionParameter, GetDashboardPanelCollectionResult>



Retrieves child pages for MyAccountPage, if MyAccountPage variant exists and DisplayLink is set to true. Child pages are filtered by ExcludeFromNavigation (pages with false value are filtered out from result).


  • AccountSettingsPage
  • MyAccountAddressPage
  • SavedOrderListPage
  • OrdersPage
  • RfqMyQuotesPage
  • WishListPage

For current user DashboardPanelPosition records are loaded and ordered by SortOrder property. Those records are used for sorting panels; if any exists, first one will be used, otherwise constant value from DashboardPanelSortOrder will be used.

Panel examples:

  • OrderApprovalListPage
  • RequisitionPage
  • RfqMyQuotesPage

For all panels IsPanel flag is set to true and depending on type Count property is set using services.

700ApplySortDashboardPanels result is sorted by IsPanel property, then by Order property, and finally by Text property.