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Run a report integration job

Describes how to required to create an integration for users who need to generate or FTP a report in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Administration > Jobs > Job Definitions:
  2. Within the Details finger tab, select Add Job Definition.
  3. In the Job Name field, enter the job name.
  4. In the Job Type drop-down, select "Report".
  5. The Connection, Preprocessor, and Integration Processor fields are disabled by design.
  6. Options within the Post Processor menu are limited to those marked as Report processors. Select the desired Post Processor.
  7. The Standard Job Name menu is not applicable for report based integration jobs and can be skipped.
  8. The remaining fields and options can be set as desired.
  9. Select Save.

For information on Steps, Parameters, and History, see the Creating Integration Job article.

When creating a Report type integration job, there are a few changes to the standard integration job menus and fields:

When Job Type field is set to "Report", the following fields are not functional or have a changed purpose:

  • Target Object – disabled
  • Integration Processor Override – disabled
  • Report Connection – (normally labeled "Connection Override") is only populated with SFTP type connections
  • Delete Behavior and Action menu – hidden
  • The Select/From/Where clauses are displayed similar to if it were a SQL connection
  • Parameterized Where field – hidden

Consequently, when the Job Type is NOT set to Report the following behavior is expected:

  • On the Details finger tab, the Post Processor menu excludes any report post processors
  • On the Steps finger tab, the Connection Override menu excludes any SFTP connections