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Set up Amazon S3 AWS

Describes how to store product images and documents associated with products on Amazon S3 AWS in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

Amazon S3 can be used by Optimizely Configured Commerce to store product images and documents associated with products. This section provides an overview of the components necessary to set up Configured Commerce to use Amazon S3.

Visually, the Admin Console will not change. As such, adding content such as images is exactly the same as it is when using a local file system. For more information, see the Local File System user guide article.



  • An active Amazon S3 Account
  • Your Amazon S3 Access Key
  • Your Amazon S3 Secret Key
  • The name of the Amazon S3 bucket you wish to use to contain your content

The following Application Settings must be set in order to use Amazon S3 as your file store location:

Setting Name


Storage Provider


Once AmazonS3 is selected, the Settings listed below will display.

Access Key

This is an alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies who owns an account. This is analogous to a username.

Bucket Name

This determines the name of the bucket that is being used to hold your content. This is set up through Amazon S3.

Secret Key

This is a Password that is paired with the Access Key to form a secure information set that confirms the user's identity

Custom Domain