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Location Finder

Describes how to provide customers with the physical locations of your dealers, branches, or any other locations in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

Use Optimizely Configured Commerce's Location Finder to provide customers with the physical locations of your dealers, branches, or any other locations you choose to display. Upload locations in the Admin Console then display them as pin points on a map (provided by Google Maps), allowing customers to search for a nearby location. You can also add store hours and links to a location-specific website.

Access location finder

For websites using the Responsive theme, a link for the Location Finder appears in the header. For websites using CMS functionality, a link to the Location Finder you may need to create one manually. Within the CMS, select the Content Tree, then expand the Home menu. Select Dealer LocatorLocation Finder to access Location Finder.



The browser may ask for your location when you access the Location Finder page. This provides starting coordinates for local dealers, branches, or other locations. If you choose not to disclose your location, the page displays all locations.

Location finder page

Click the link in the header to enter the Location Finder page. The Location Finder page includes three main components: the search bar, results, and map.

Search bar

The Search Bar uses the information entered into the search fields to find locations based on geographical criteria; or, if desired, filter for specific location names.



Text must exist in the first box when searching for locations; placing a location name only in the second box does not work.


The Results displays either search results or a list of all locations assigned to the website in the Admin Console. Each entry shows the name of the location and the address, and has links to the location's website, as well as directions. The Website option appears only if there is a website address entered for the location in the Admin Console. The directions option opens Google Maps in a new window, and automatically enters the address for the selected entry.


The Map is a visual representation of locations. Locations are represented by pin points on the map. Click a pin point to view the name, address, and phone number for the selected location. The Map Pane is powered by Google Maps, so the features and functionality present in Google Maps (such as zooming or scrolling) are supported in the Map Pane.