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Configure the sitemap integration postprocessor

Describes how to configure the sitemap integration postprocessor in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

Generating a sitemap is configured through the integration framework located in the Management Console. The following steps assume an existing integration connection has been configured with the appropriate user accounts and Integration Connection configuration.

The following steps can be configured for existing integration jobs. It is common to build the sitemap after a product refresh. This ensures an update to date sitemap index and sitemap.

  1. Go to Integration Jobs in the Integration menu of the Management Console.

  2. Add a new Integration Job called Build Sitemap.

  3. The configuration is as follows:

    1. Job Type: Refresh 2. Connection: [integration connection]
    2. Preprocessor: None
    3. Integration Processor: None
    4. Postprocessor: BuildSitemap
  4. Configured the Recurrence after the Product Refresh. This will ensure the product catalog is updated prior to building the Sitemap and Sitemap Index.

  5. When the job is executed it will generate a Sitemap Index file and the Sitemap.xml files relevant for that build.



    By default, sitemaps will be split after 50,000 records. This is configured using the SEO_SitemapMaximumUrlNumber application setting.

  6. Test the sitemap index and sitemap files by going to the site http://[site]/sitemapindex.xml