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Cart history and order history

Describes an overview of cart and order histories in the Admin Console in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

The Dashboard of the Admin Console provides quick links to both the Order History and the Cart History.

  • Order history
    Order History, located in the Sales section of the Admin Console, allows Admin Console users to review and manage orders that have been placed on the Store Front. Order Status, Order Submission Date, and individual Order Lines, along with the ability to cancel an order or resubmit an order to the ERP can be reviewed or managed within the Order History page.
  • Cart history
    The Cart History page, located in the Sales section of the Admin Console, manages orders prior to their submission to the ERP. Although Cart History and Order History have similar functionality, Cart History allows for more order data to be edited by the Admin Console user. Shipping Method, Address, and payment method can all be edited on an unsubmitted order in the Cart History page. Console users can revert an unsubmitted order into a Saved Order.