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Content library

Describes how to work with the content library in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

ISC_ContentAdmins, ISC_ContentEditors and ISC_ContentApprovers can use the Content section of the Library menu to manage, preview, and approve content revisions. Content edits may occur either in the Content Management System (CMS) or in the Admin Console.

The Content Library is located in the Admin Console > Library > Content. ISC_ContentAdmin users can modify, preview, and publish content updates in the Content section. ISC_ContentEditors can modify content in the CMS or Admin Console, then preview the revision. ISC_ContentApprovers can preview revisions, then publish them.

By switching the Only Show Content Waiting to be Published toggle to YES, ISC_ContentApprovers can view a list of only the revisions requiring approval.

Revisions also may be filtered by Content Type, such as Products.

Select edit next to a revision to edit the revision, preview it, or approve it based on assigned user role.

Create content in the CMS and publish using the content section

To complete these steps, log in to the Admin Console as an ISC_ContentAdmin user.

  1. Click View Websites in the upper right corner of the Admin Console.

  2. Select a website.

  3. Open the CMS. Hover over the blue triangle in the upper left corner, and select Show CMS.

  4. Click Content Tree.

  5. Select the arrow to the left of Categories, and continue drilling down until you find an appropriate product. Alternately, search for a product using the website’s search bar.

  6. Click Edit.

  7. Click the textbox with the dotted lines to edit the product description.

  8. Add text using the WYSIWYG editor, then click Save.



    ISC_ContentEditors sees this button as Save and Submit for Approval.

  9. Return to the Admin Console. Select Library on the left side of the screen, then select Content.

  10. Set the Only Show Content Waiting to be Published toggle to YES to view all unpublished changes.

  11. Click More Options on the right and select Approve and Publish All Revisions, or click Edit next to a revision to review it.

  12. Select the revision in the table. Click Preview Revision to view the content in a pop-up, Delete Revision to discard the unpublished draft, or Publish to publish changes to the live site.

  13. Choose whether to publish immediately or at a future date/time, then click Publish.