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Monetate persona extension

Describes the Monetate persona extension in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

Monetate is used to manage and provide relevant, individualized content and experiences in real time. Monetate aims to take personalization beyond segments, and deliver one-to-one personalized experiences to your customers on any screen and across every page of your website. Monetate was added as an option with Optimizely Configured Commerce 3.7.

Monetate is an advanced feature that will require extra planning to implement. Insite Software has a relationship with Monetate to assist in using this functionality. Contact the Configured Commerce product owner if you wish to use Monetate in your implementation of Configured Commerce.

Usage scenario

A campaign is created that uses a banner image in the content section to display a banner image in a selected location, only after a customer has been on the site for 60 seconds. The banner would link to a promo code that offers free shipping on their purchase above $50. The final step of the campaign would allow you to track the success of such an endeavor through many different measurable metrics.

General overview of Monetate components

As you are reading the following information, It maybe helpful to first go to the login page and login with your credentials. If you do not have an account, you will need to work with your Monetate representative.

From your Monetate dashboard it is possible to create actions, events, targets and content that are then used in campaigns on your site to manipulate content according to your specifications.

  • Actions are created in the action builder and allow for the inserting, editing, and hide/show-functionality of content.
  • Images, code, and fonts can be uploaded in the Content tab to use when creating a campaign.
  • Targets allow you to target cookies, HTML elements and JS variables. There are many targets that can be defined in Monetate and depend on how deeply integrated the site is with Monetate. Insite's base integration with Monetate offers a large amount of targets to be defined.

Multiple campaigns can be created and a minimum significance threshold can also be set. This makes tracking the effectiveness of your campaigns possible.

Deeper integration is required to enable certain actions to occur within a campaign with limited page types, cart values, page breadcrumbs, page category, certain product pages and certain index pages are grayed out. If this is something that is needed, email your client service representative for more information.

The Monetate Inspector can provide a better understand of the depth of integration between Monetate the Configured Commerce platform. It will show what tags are available and what information is being passed to Monetate. Generally, the further the integration the greater the number of options available for editing of content.