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Cross sells overview

Describes an overview of cross sells in Optimizely Configured Commerce

Optimizely Configured Commerce has the capability to add cross sells to a specific product, or to the website as a whole. This is accomplished by creating a small link and showing the image of the recommended product. Configured Commerce supports both product and web cross sells.

Product cross sells

Product cross sells are related items assigned to a product. For example, assigning a light bulb as a product cross sell to a lamp that appears on the website. They often are used to entice customers into buying related products. Product cross sells appear on the Product Detail Page, in the Product Carousel widget's Related Products Carousel Type in the Product Cross Sells widget.

Web cross sells

Web cross sells are more commonly known as Featured Products. This feature displays products within the Product Carousel widget's Web Cross Sells Carousel Type Product Cross Sells widget and helps promote additional, but not necessarily related products to site visitors. Items within the Web cross sells carousel may be tied to a monthly promotion or sales event.

Why are products not appearing in the cross sell carousel?

If a product is not appearing in the product search carousel after being assigned as a cross sell, try rebuilding the search index by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Admin Console > Marketing > Indexing.
  2. Click Quick Rebuild (Partial) to rebuild the Product index.
  3. Once the index has been rebuilt, return to the website.
  4. Check the carousel to see if products now appear.