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Debugging tools

Describes the debugger options in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

The Optimizely Configured Commerce Admin Console has a set of tools to assist with a variety of tasks, that is troubleshooting issues, clearing caches, retrieving diagnostic information, and so on. These tools are only accessible to users assigned the role of ISC_System and/or ISC_Implementer.

For users assigned the proper role, Debug is displayed within the primary toolbar of the Admin Console.

Selecting the button displays the following menu options:

Menu ItemDescription
API TesterThis is a simplified testing harness that allows the user to test out the Admin APIs without having to manually establish a token.
Clear CacheThis function clears the CMS and setting caches on any web servers in the web server farm.
Clear Local StorageThis function clears the local storage and JWT token.
Clear Shared Cache StorageThis function clears the shared cache storage from the database. See Shared cache manager for more information on setting this up.
Content CreatorsUsed to update wishlists when migrating from version 4.3 to 4.4. See the Upgrading Wishlists article for more information.
Diagnostic InformationSelect this option to view additional information about your Configured Commerce instance.
Enable Master Edit ModeThis mode is intended for debugging only and will ignore the Application Dictionary security. It is intended to allow a QA or BA to see all the available fields in on a page. This is necessary as we have intentionally hidden fields that are either rarely used or require customization to implement.
Plugin InformationThis utility displays all of the current plug-ins loaded along with their lifetime.
Process Email QueueSelecting this option will force a call to the Email Service and process the email queue.
Web Page ConverterThis option is typically only used during an upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2 to convert Web Page Contents and Web Pages to Rich Content widgets or Application Messages.