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Email administration

Emails are generally set during implementation by the integration partner. The emails that are setup run automatically and should not require many updates. As an example, the integration partner may setup an email to provide customers with an order confirmation after completing the checkout process or an email for customers to request a quote. The following is a list of the templates available to integration partners. Best practices dictate that all templates are added to the Admin Console during implementation.

  • ContactUsTemplate
  • ForgotPassword
  • JobReport
  • OrderConfirmation
  • RequestRma
  • RfqQuote
  • StatusReport
  • TellAFriend
  • TestTemplate

Email message logs

Users with ISC_Admin permissions can view and resend any system-generated emails that failed to deliver for any reason.

  1. Go to Marketing > Communication > Email Message Logs.
  2. Set Only Show Undelivered Emails to YES if you want to filter the table to view only undelivered emails.
  3. Click View to view the email Details and Delivery Attempts information.
  4. Select More Options and click Retry All Undelivered Emails to resend undelivered emails.
  5. Click Export to export the table to another format.