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Request for quote

Describes request for quote pipelines in Optimizely Configured Commerce.


100CreatePricingRfqCreate PricingRfqDto object and stores it in the PricingRfq property on the result object.
200GetProductPricingCalculates a product pricing using the GetProductPricing pipeline. The product pricing object is stored in the GetProductPricingResult property in the result object.
300SetCustomerPriceSets a customer price in the PricingRfq result property usingGetProductPricingResult property.
400SetListPriceSets a list price to the PricingRfq result property.
500SetUnitCostSets a unit cost in the PricingRfq result property using Product.Pricing parameter.
600SetCalculationMethodsSets ShowCustomerPrice, ShowListPrice and ShowUnitCost properties in the PricingRfq result property and according to these properties add calculation methods to the PricingRfq object.
700SetBreakPricesAdds a break prices to the PricingRfq.PriceBreaks property.
800SetMinimumPriceAllowedSets a minimal price allowed to the PricingRfq result property.