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Storage providers

Describes storage providers that are used to add, retrieve, or delete files used for the Optimizely Configured Commerce website.

Storage providers can include product images or PDF files. This storage location is used by the Media and Content sections within the Admin Console.

Supported plug-ins:

  • AmazonS3
  • Azure
  • FileSystem

Supported storage features:

  • File exists
  • Retrieve the public URL of the given file
  • Retrieve the storage path (virtual or public)
  • Retrieve a single file using relative path
  • Retrieve a list of files using relative path
  • Folder exists
  • Retrieve a list of folders
  • Create folders
  • Delete folders
  • Delete files
  • Rename files
  • Copy files
  • Save streamed files

Storage providers

Optimizely Configured Commerce supports three storage providers; Azure, Amazon, and the default, File System. After selecting Amazon or Azure, additional fields will display. In the tables below, the actual Setting name is displayed in the first line along with related setting options.

The storage provider settings are found in Admin Console > Administration >System > Settings. In the search box, type Storage, look for and select Storage Provider.

FileSystem storage provider

Using the FileSystem storage provider will save files to the /UserFiles/ path relative to the location in which the website is hosted.

Storage ProviderFileSystemUsed to configure the windows file storage of the Configured Commerce solution hosted in IIS.

AmazonS3 storage provider

Storage ProviderAmazonS3Used to configure AmazonS3 as the storage provider.
Container Name The container used to store file objects.
Account Key Unique value used for authorized access to an object or container of objects.
Secret Key Unique phrase used for authorized access to an object or container of objects.
Service URL An optional override for the Amazon Storage Container public host name. Do NOT include https://
Bucket Name The Bucket Name for Amazon S3


Azure storage provider

Application SettingValueDescription
Storage ProviderAzureUsed to configure Azure as the storage provider.
Account Key The Account Key for Azure Storage.
Account Name The Account Name for Azure Storage.
Container Name The Container Name within Azure that identifies where the user files will be stored.
Default End Points Protocol The Default End Points Protocol for Azure Storage
Public Host Name An option override for the Azure Storage Container public host name. Do NOT include https://