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Job quotes

Describes how to configure a job quote in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

In addition to the Request a Quote (RFQ) functionality, a customer can also request a Job Quote. A job quote is quote on a specific quantity of products that does not need to be fulfilled at one time. The sales representative sets the expiration date of the job quote, and any quantity of products ordered during that time frame will use the job quote price.

To use this feature, the Website Setting Allow Job Quotes must be set to YES, and all the conditions for RFQ need to be met.



If a Sales Representative provides a price quote on a product, any available promotions are disallowed. Additionally, any promotions applied to an order prior to submitting a quote request will be removed.

Request a job quote

Requesting a Job Quote is initiated from the Cart. As a buyer, I want a discount on a products based on the quantity I am ordering for a specific job. The total quantity ordered will be broken into multiple orders. The total quantity must be ordered by the expiration date.

Buyer requesting a job quote

  1. Click Request a Quote.
  2. Select Quote for a Job.
  3. Enter the Job Name (user-defined title for the job).
  4. (Optional) Enter notes to the Sales Rep in the Add Notes field.
  5. Verify or enter the quantity of the product needed for the job in the QTY field.
  6. Click Submit Quote Request.

Upon submission, the following quote summary screen displays and the Sales Representative is notified of the Job Quote request.

Sales representative responding to a job quote request

  1. Select My Account on the website navigation menu.
  2. Select a Quote # to respond to.
  3. In the Job Expiration Date field, enter the date by which the total quantity of the product quoted must be ordered.



    The Job Expiration Field allows Users to enter a date in the past, which hides the quote from the quote list. This can be used a way to "soft" delete a quote request.

  4. Write a message to the buyer in the Message field if clarification on the job is required.
  5. Click Quote to quote the price break on the quantity requested.
  6. Enter the quoted price in the Price field.
  7. Click Apply Quote.
  8. Click Submit Job Quote.

The buyer is notified of the quote, and can accept or reject it.

Buyer acting on a job quote

  1. Select My Account on the website navigation menu.
  2. Click My Quotes.
  3. Click the Quote # you are taking action on (accepting or rejecting).
  4. Click Accept Job Quote or Decline Job Quote.



If accepted, the product quoted reflects the quoted price until either the quantity is reached or the expiration date passes.

When a release order is created to send quantity from a job quote it cannot be modified in any way, except for changing the ship-to address.