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Search term redirects

Describes how to create search term redirects in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

Use Search Term Redirects in Optimizely Configured Commerce to create a redirect associated with a specific search term. This can be useful when there is a particular page with products or content relevant to a common search term.

This is not to be confused with HTML Redirects, where each page from an old website can be mapped to an equivalent page on the new site, ensuring users with bookmarks or old indexing are redirected to the current website.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Marketing > Search > Redirects.
  2. Click Add Search Term Redirect to add a new redirect.
  3. In the Term field, enter the term that would be in the search query (this can be more than one word).
  4. In the Redirect URL field, provide the redirect URL (this can be either an internal or external URL).
  5. Determine which website this Search Term Redirect will be applied to. If no website is chosen, it will be applied to all websites.
  6. If desired, use the date picker menu to select an Activate On date and/or a Deactivate On date. If no date is chosen, the Search Term Redirect starts immediately and persists indefinitely until deleted or the Activate On/Deactivate On Date is updated.

As the list of Search Term Redirects grows, sort the records quickly based on any of the column titles, filter the list using the search filter, or display/hide items that have been archived.