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Describes how to create revisions to content in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

These sections exist in multiple locations, such as Products, Categories, and Specifications.

Create a revision and enter content

  1. Go to the Admin Console and select the item type (Product, Categories, Specifications, and so on)

  2. Within the Content tab, click Create Revision.



    It may be necessary to scroll down the page to find the revisions.

  3. Enter the content in the new Content section.

  4. Once the content has been entered, click Save.

  5. The Revision may now be approved and published by a user with Content Approver or Content Admin privileges.

Create a revision based on a previous revision

  1. Within the Content tab, select the approved/published revision that is to be copied.
  2. Click Create Revision.
  3. A new, editable revision will be created with the same HTML content as the one that was selected.



Only one unapproved, editable revision is allowed at a time.