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InsiteConnect for Vertex

Describes InsiteConnect for Vertex.

Vertex's Cloud Indirect Tax solution is a plug-in for tax calculation. When a tax call is made with Vertex selected as the tax calculator, the system sends a Quotation Request message to Vertex. You can find more information about this product at Vertex cloud indirect tax.

Update the tax calculator setting

  1. Go to Admin ConsoleAdministrationSystemSettings.
  2. Search for Tax Calculator.
  3. Select Vertex from the Tax Calculator menu.
  4. Select Save.

Enter Vertex tax calculator details

  1. Enter your Trusted ID. This is the Trusted ID used for your Vertex account. This is a global setting.
  2. Enter your Company Code. The Company Code Identifies the selling company and maps to a value entered in the Vertex console. This is a website-specific setting.
  3. Set Log Transactions to Yes if you want to log the call context, time of request and response. If enabled, transaction logs will be saved to the application log to assist with troubleshooting. To prevent large numbers of application logs this should only be used for debugging purposes. Default value is No. This is a website-specific setting.
  4. Select the Version from the drop-down list. This is the Vertex API version to use. Default value is V70. This is a global setting.