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Widget properties

Describes Optimizely Configured Commerce widget properties.

When editing theme resources (widgets), the following variables are available using the [{ }] notation:

CMS-specific properties

Property NameValue
IsViewingModeReturns true if the current user is viewing the page (and not editing or previewing the page).*
IsPreviewingModeReturns true if the current user is previewing the page in the CMS.*
IsEditingModeReturns true if the current user is editing the page in the CMS.*
CurrentPageReturns an object representing the page the current user is viewing. Properties on this object that are commonly used are listed below.

*Only one of these properties will return true at a time. The other two will return false.

Common CurrentPage properties

Property NameValue
TitleReturns the value of the Title property for the current page, as specified in the CMS.
PageTitleReturns the value of the PageTitle property for the current page, as specified in the CMS.