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Manipulate columns

Describes how to work with columns in Optimizely Configured Commerce SDK.

When viewing a record list page, it is possible to control which columns are visible and the order in which they are displayed. Each page has a default set of displayed columns.

  1. Click Column Options to add or remove columns from the current list.
  2. Columns currently displayed appear on the left, while hidden columns appear on the right.
  3. Select or deselect a checkbox to change the status of a column, then click Save.
  4. Reorder the columns list by clicking a selection on the left side of the screen, and dragging it up or down the list.
  5. Click Reset to Defaults to return to the default column views.



Although there is no limit to the number of columns you can display, it is best to select less than eight columns or viewing and navigating the list can be challenging.

Advanced grid functionality

The Advanced Grid is a dynamic feature which allows users to adjust column appearance within a record list, including resizing, reordering, and adding additional columns to optimize the list's view. This optimized view is unique to the user, and automatically saves for reuse.

The Advanced Grid functionality is available in multiple sections of the Admin Console, including Sales, Catalog, and Customers. To access the Advanced Grid, click a correlating section, such as Catalog > Products.

Resize columns

Resize existing columns to view more or less column data.

  1. Hover over the line between two columns, and a double-headed arrow appears.

  2. Click and hold the column separator, then drag the column line left or right to shrink or enlarge the column.

    If the collective width of the columns exceeds the length of the window, a horizontal scrollbar appears at the bottom of the screen.

Once columns are resized, changes are saved automatically. Columns remain resized if the user goes to a different screen, or if the user logs out and logs back in.



The Select and Edit (or View) columns are locked, and cannot be resized.

Reorder columns

Reorder existing columns to view the most important data first.

  • Click a column header, and drag it to the appropriate location.

Once columns are reordered, changes save automatically. Columns remain reordered if the user goes to a different screen or if the user logs out and logs back in.



The Select and Edit (or View) columns are locked, and cannot be reordered. Additionally, other columns cannot be moved ahead of or between the locked columns.