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Set up order approval

Describes how to create order workflows and approval processes to manage your buyers in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

Optimizely Configured Commerce uses the roles of Buyer 1, Buyer 2 and Buyer 3 to control who is able to submit orders, which orders will require approval, and under what circumstances. The list below defines these roles:

  • A User, with the Administrator or Buyer3 role, must be set as an Approver to a user with a role that requires an order to be approved.

  • A User that requires order approval (Buyer1 or Buyer2*) must exist, and have a role assigned that will force a user into the Order Approval workflow (e.g., Buyer1)



    The Buyer 2 role is only used if the Budget Enforcement Level is set to anything other than None, and the Budget Management website setting is set to ON. Only when the Order Total is over budget approval required.

To use the Order Approval Workflow functionality on your Configured Commerce website, the following must be configured correctly:

  • Users with the Buyer 1 role will require approval for all orders, including those under budget.
  • Users with the Buyer 2 role will require approval for orders over budget.
  • Users with the Buyer 3 role will not require approval for any orders but their purchases can be tracked.

On the Review and Pay page, Users that require approval will see a Submit for Approval button instead of a Checkout button. When the Approver signs in, any orders awaiting approval are displayed. These orders can then be approved and checked out.