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Create a sales representative

Describes how to create a sales representative in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

You can create a sales representative in one of two ways in Optimizely Configured Commerce: manually entering the Sales Rep or importing a list of Sales Reps from Excel.

Add a sales rep manually

  1. Go to Admin Console > Sales > Sales Representatives.

  2. Click Add Sales Rep.

  3. Enter the Sales Rep Number, Name as they are required

    As a best practice, the following fields are also populated:

    • Email – The email address entered in this field is used when working with Request for Quotes.
    • User Profile – If the Sales Representative is not attached to a User Profile, it really serves no functional purpose.
    • Min Margin Allowed – This is the minimum amount the sales representative must make on the sale of a product based off the product cost. This is entered as a percentage.
    • Max Discount Percent – This is the maximum amount a product can be discounted by a sales representative.
  4. Click Save or Save & Add New.

Add a sales rep by a file import

Another option for creating Sales Reps is to export the existing Sales Rep list, essentially creating an import template and ensuring that you are working with the correct headings and columns of data. This can be done even if the current Sales Rep list is empty. Once the Excel file has been downloaded, populate it with the new Sales Reps and then re-import it back into the Admin Console.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Sales > Sales Representatives.

  2. Click Export in the Secondary Header.

  3. Open the exported Excel file and populate the necessary information:

    • Name

    • Salesperson Number

      These are the only two fields that are necessary for the Sales Rep records to be accepted when imported.

  4. Save the Excel file.

  5. Click Import in the Secondary Header.

  6. Select the file using Choose File.

  7. Adjust any of the Import Options.

  8. Click Import. All newly added Sales Representatives should now be displayed in the list.