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Email subscriptions

Describes an overview of email subscriptions in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

When working with Email Lists, it is important to understand how Optimizely Configured Commerce handles subscribers. First, website users must voluntarily subscribe. They are then added to a list of subscribers who can be assigned to Email Lists. The subscribers list is displayed via the Manage Subscribers finger tab, which persists across all Email Lists.

This article is divided into three parts:

  • How users subscribe to email lists
  • How default email lists use subscribers
  • How custom email lists use subscribers



To track which users unsubscribe to emails, you need to view the applicable entry in the UserProfile database (that is for users who unsubscribed from Abandoned Cart Emails, you can view EmailOptOutAbandonedCart = 1).

Subscribe to email lists

Users can subscribe to the email list in one of three ways:

  1. The standard website footer provides a field where users can enter an email address to subscribe.

  2. From the MyAccount, Account Settings page, users can enter an email address and subscribe.

  3. The Check Out page provides a check box to subscribe for newsletters and product updates.

Default email lists

The default Email Lists do not use Subscribers. Because the Manage Subscribers finger tab persists across all Email Lists, technically users can be assigned to any Email List. However, the default Email Lists references the active website user's email address and sends any event triggered emails to that respective address.

Custom email lists

Custom Email Lists require the assignment of Subscribers. After users are assigned to an Email List, they can then be manually sent as needed. These Email Lists would be used in combination with custom Email Templates for various communication or marketing efforts.