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The **Translation Dictionary** manages single-word or short phrase translations for objects such as Attributes and Units of Measure in Optimizely <<product-name>>. These objects are globally shared across the website, versus unique to a particular record.

The **Translation Dictionary** screen provides the following search filters:

  • Language: Any available language on the website.

  • Source: The the type of object or where the object is sourced from : Attribute, Attribute Value, Label, Setting, Style Trait, Style Trait Value, and Unit of Measure.

  • Keyword: The display name of the object.

  • Translation: The translated text displayed when a user changes the website language.

To show only records where translations are needed, click the **Only Show Missing Translations** toggle.

To generate translation dictionary records:

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Administration** \> **Translation Dictionary**.

  2. In the **Secondary Header**, click **More Options** to generate any missing Translation Dictionary records.

  3. Locate the desired Translation Dictionary record and click Edit.

  4. Enter the translation within the **Translation** field for the record.

  5. Click **Save**.