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Create personas

Describes how to create a persona in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Marketing > Personas.
  2. Click Add Persona to create a new Persona record.
  3. Enter a Name, Description and Sequence number for the Persona.



The lower the Sequence Number, the sooner the Persona attempts to be resolved. If the Persona being created is meant to be the default Persona, click the Default toggle to display Yes. If the Persona is only intended to be active for a short period of time, modify the Activate On and Deactivate On date and time.

  1. When finished, click Save.
  2. Once the Persona has been created, create a rule or set of rules for the Persona. Click the Rules finger tab to create a new rule.
  3. Choose the rules criteria based on the chosen Rule Type. The rule fields vary based on the selected Rule Type.
  4. Once finished, click Save.

Enable persona-specific content

In order for persona-based content to display correctly on the website, Persona Specific Content must be enabled on each language that will use Personas.

  1. Go to Administration > Languages
  2. Click the Edit for the Language that will be used with Persona-based content
  3. Verify the Has Persona Specific Content toggle reads Yes.