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Enable Google search console

Describes how to enable Google Search Console in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

The Google Search Console is a free service Google offers that lets you monitor and troubleshoot the SEO performance of your site in Google's search results. Signing up for Search Console is not required to appear in search results, but it is a valuable tool for understanding how Google sees your site.

Using Google Search Console requires you to verify that you own your site, either through DNS verification, or using another method. You will need access to your host provider in order to do this using DNS verification. Otherwise you can verify your site by uploading an HTML file to your site, or using other Google accounts like Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager.

Once you have enabled the Search Console, you will be able to see what Google sees when it crawls your site, verify that your site is being indexed, request a re-index, and other SEO monitoring tasks.

You will need a valid Google account to use the Search Console.

  1. Go to the Google Search Console website

  2. Add and verify your website.

    You can use the Domain method, which will work on all URLs across subdomains and required DNS verification, or the URL prefix method, which only works on the entered URL, but has multiple methods of verification

  3. If you have www and non-www versions of your site, specify which is the canonical version of the site.

  4. Add owners and users who can read Search Console data.

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