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Optimizely <<product-name>> uses the roles of Buyer 1, Buyer 2 and Buyer 3 to control who is able to submit orders, which orders will require approval, and under what circumstances. The list below defines these roles:

  • A User, with the Administrator or Buyer3 role, must be set as an Approver to a user with a role that requires an order to be approved.

  • A User that requires order approval (Buyer1 or Buyer2\*) must exist, and have a role assigned that will force a user into the Order Approval workflow (e.g., Buyer1)


    The **Buyer 2** role is only used if the **Budget Enforcement Level** is set to anything other than **None**, and the **Budget Management** website setting is set to **ON**. Only when the **Order Total** is over budget approval required.

To use the Order Approval Workflow functionality on your <<product-name>> website, the following must be configured correctly:

  • Users with the Buyer 1 role will require approval for all orders, including those under budget.

  • Users with the Buyer 2 role will require approval for orders over budget.

  • Users with the Buyer 3 role will not require approval for any orders but their purchases can be tracked.

On the **Review and Pay** page, Users that require approval will see a **Submit for Approval** button instead of a **Checkout** button. When the Approver signs in, any orders awaiting approval are displayed. These orders can then be approved and checked out.