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To perform a multi-select and assign, use the following steps:

For this example, the focus will be on the Products list assuming this scenario: A user needs to assign a series of new products to their respective categories.

  1. Go to **Admin Console** > **Catalog** > **Products**.

  2. Select the Products that need to be assigned to new or different categories.

  3. Select the **Show Selected** filter to verify the correct Products are selected.


  4. In the **Primary Header**, click **Edit**. Do not click one of the Edit buttons adjacent to a list item.


  5. Click the **Categories** tab, which displays the currently assigned categories.

  6. Select the **Website** from the List Header menu


  7. If necessary, click **Expand** or **Collapse** to expose or hide the category hierarchy which provides more or less detail about the displayed categories.

  8. Click **Assign Categories**.

  9. Again, if desired, click the **Expand** or **Collapse** button to provide more details about the category hierarchy.

  10. Using the check boxes, select the desired Category or Categories.

  11. Click **Assign**.

  12. Click **Done**.

  13. All assigned categories are now displayed.

  14. Click the **Next record** button to repeat this process for the next item.


  15. When finished, click **Done** in the **Primary Header**.

Within list pages, Configured Commerce allows for the selection of multiple records. To accomplish this, each record in a list is preceded with a checkbox. When multiple records are selected and then edited, they are grouped together allowing users to click through the selected records to assign content.