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These sections exist in multiple locations, such as Products, Categories, and Specifications.

## Create a revision and enter content

  1. Go to the **Admin Console** and select the item type (Product, Categories, Specifications, and so on)

  2. Within the **Content** tab, click **Create Revision**.


    It may be necessary to scroll down the page to find the revisions.

  3. Enter the content in the new Content section.

  4. Once the content has been entered, click **Save**.

  5. The **Revision** may now be approved and published by a user with _Content Approver_ or _Content Admin_ privileges.

## Create a revision based on a previous revision

  1. Within the **Content** tab, select the approved/published revision that is to be copied.

  2. Click **Create Revision**.

  3. A new, editable revision will be created with the same HTML content as the one that was selected.


Only one unapproved, editable revision is allowed at a time.