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  1. In the **Admin Console**, go to **Administration** \> **Jobs** \> **Job Definitions**:

  2. Within the **Details** finger tab, select **Add Job Definition**.

  3. In the **Job Name** field, enter the job name.

  4. In the **Job Type** drop-down, select "Report".

  5. The **Connection**, **Preprocessor**, and **Integration Processor** fields are disabled by design.

  6. Options within the **Post Processor** menu are limited to those marked as Report processors. Select the desired Post Processor.

  7. The **Standard Job Name** menu is not applicable for report based integration jobs and can be skipped.

  8. The remaining fields and options can be set as desired.

  9. Select **Save**.

For information on **Steps**, **Parameters**, and **History**, see the Creating Integration Job article.

When creating a Report type integration job, there are a few changes to the standard integration job menus and fields:

When **Job Type** field is set to "Report", the following fields are not functional or have a changed purpose:

  • **Target Object** – disabled

  • **Integration Processor Override** – disabled

  • **Report Connection** – (normally labeled "Connection Override") is only populated with SFTP type connections

  • **Delete Behavior and Action** menu – hidden

  • The **Select**/**From**/**Where** clauses are displayed similar to if it were a SQL connection

  • **Parameterized Where** field – hidden

Consequently, when the Job Type is NOT set to Report the following behavior is expected:

  • On the **Details** finger tab, the **Post Processor** menu excludes any report post processors

  • On the **Steps** finger tab, the **Connection Override** menu excludes any SFTP connections