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Canceling an order

This topic describes how to cancel an order.

Once an order is placed and its status allows for cancellation, it can be canceled from the Order Detail page on the website or from the Order History Details page of the Admin Console.

Canceling an order from the website

Complete the following steps to cancel an order that is in an eligible status on the website:

  1. Log into the website.
  2. Select the My Account menu.
  3. Select Order History to open the Order History list.
  4. Click Date or Order Number to view the Order Details page.
  5. Click Cancel Order and a notification will display stating the cancellation has been requested.
  6. If reordering is desired and the option is enabled, click Reorder and the reordered items are added to the cart.
  7. If you chose Cancel and Reorder, the items on the canceled order are added to the Shopping Cart.

Canceling an order from the admin console

  1. Go to Admin Console > Sales > Order History.
  2. Find the desired order and click View Only.
  3. Select More Options and choose Cancel Order.

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