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Once an order is placed and its status allows for cancellation, it can be canceled from the **Order Detail** page on the website or from the **Order History Details** page of the Admin Console.

## Cancel an order from the website

  1. Log into the website.

  2. Select the **My Account** menu.

  3. Select **Order History** to open the **Order History** list.

  4. Click **Date** or **Order Number** to view the **Order Details** page.

  5. Click **Cancel** **Order** and a notification will display stating the cancellation has been requested.

  6. If reordering is desired and the option is enabled, click **Reorder** and the reordered items are added to the cart.

  7. If you chose **Cancel and Reorder**, the items on the canceled order are added to the **Shopping Cart**.

## Cancel an order from the Admin Console

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Sales** \> **Order History.**

  2. Find the desired order and click **View Only**.

  3. Select **More Options** and choose **Cancel Order**.