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Submitting an order using order upload

This topic describes how to use order upload to submit an order.

Use the following steps to submit an order using the Order Upload functionality.

  1. From the Home Page, click the Quick Order link found at the top of the page.

    This is applicable for base B2B Commerce Cloud installs only. The Quick Order link may not be visible in your instance of B2B Commerce Cloud; in that case, activate the CMS and select the down arrow next to the Home menu. Then, select the Quick Order page.

  2. On the Quick Order page, click the Upload an Order link.

  3. At this point there are two options, either browse for an existing order or use the Order Upload Template. If using the template, use the provided instructions to prepare the order.



    If a product is listed on the uploaded template and has 0 quantity, or a blank value in the quantity column, the item is added to the cart with a quantity of 1.

  4. Click Upload Order to upload the existing or newly created order.

  5. View the resulting success or failure message.

  6. The products submitted should now be visible in the cart and ready for checkout.

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