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Overview of integration technology

This topic describes and overview of integration technology.

B2B Commerce Cloud has been configured and integrated with many backend ERP's and PIM systems. Many of these vary in implementation and customization. The following describes common integrations and considerations.

Common integrations

Infor SX.e example

Epicor E9 example

Integration approaches


SOAP web services or RESTful services

  • Products
  • Inventory
  • Pricing
  • Customers
  • Dealers / Sales Reps
  • History of Orders / Invoices
  • Shipments

B2B Commerce Cloud Integration Service (WIS)

Extract-Transform-Transport-Load Agent

Connection types

  • SQL Server
  • OleDb / Odbc
  • Web Service
  • CSV File (Flat File)
  • Sap .NET Connector

B2B integration flow example

Infrastructure topology

Deployment topology

Enterprise scale

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