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InsiteConnect for PaypalExpress

This topic describes InsiteConnect for PaypalExpress.

Paypal's, Paypal Express payment gateway, can be configured when completing an order in B2B Commerce Cloud.

Application settings

The following Application Settings are used to configure PayPal Express as the payment provider in B2B Commerce Cloud.

Name 4.2

Name 4.3+



Show PayPal

PayPalExpressYes or No

Default value: No. If Yes, PayPal will be available on the Review and Pay page.
Note: This needs to be selected first in order to expose the other PayflowPro related settings.

PayPal_LiveLiveDefault value: No. If Yes, the live URL will be used for transactions and charges will be processed. Set to 'No' to have transactions use the PayPal sandbox URL for testing.
PayPal_LiveURLLive URLThe Live URL used for PayPal transactions.
PayPal_SandboxUrlSandbox URLThe Sandbox URL for testing PayPal transactions.
PayPal_APIUsernameUsernameThe Username of the API Credentials of the seller's PayPal account.
PayPal_APIPassword_encPasswordThe Password of the API Credentials of the seller's PayPal account.
PayPal_APISignatureSignatureThe Signature of the API Credentials of the seller's PayPal account.
HostCompanyNameHost Company NameHost company name for PayPal transactions.


B2B Commerce Cloud does NOT store sensitive credit card or profile information.

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