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B2B Commerce Cloud version semantics

This topic describes the standard semantic versioning system to identify B2B Commerce Cloud product versions.

For clarity, we will reference, in parentheses, the version number in the descriptions below:

  • First number (4) - Major version, indicates a major change to the product that includes significant, and likely breaking changes to the standard APIs or other significant architectural or platform updates.
  • Second number (3) - Minor version, which can include enhancements, but not breaking changes to APIs. It may include significant new features that result in new APIs and UI/UX changes, and so on. This version also coincides with new SDKs for those customers who are self-managed.
  • Third number (2) - Patch version, which includes bug fixes, minimal enhancements to existing features or the addition of new, less significant functionality, and so on. This number also coincides with new updates made to our Cloud environments.
  • Fourth number position (.3235) - Current build number

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