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Assigning users an order approver from the admin console

This topic describes how to assign users an order approver from the admin console.

This article provides the steps for a Admin Console Admin to assign a user as an Order Approver within the Admin Console. Keep in mind, this process is typically done by the Customer Website Administrator on the actual website. To follow this tutorial, an existing user with the Administrator role is required. If more information is needed on creating users, see documentation about creating users.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Administration > Website Users.

  2. Click Edit for the User that will be submitting orders for approval.

    If there are multiple Users who will be set up to approve, it can be quicker to select all the Users using the check boxes, then click Multi-Edit in the Secondary Header. Using this method lets you make the update for each user, then click Save and Next in the Secondary Header and jump to the next User record.

    Make sure that the selected user has a role that would allow for the Order Approval workflow (e.g., Buyer 1 or Buyer 2)

  3. In the Details tab, click the drop-down for the Approver field and choose the desired Approver.

    Both the Buyer 3 and Administrator roles can act as approvers.

    Click Save or click Done if using the Multi-Edit option.



Order Approvers do not receive email notifications. However, > they do receive a notification at the top of the website when logging in > after an order has been sent for approval.

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